Friday, December 27, 2013

Bay Area Type-In: A Typecast and First Impressions

Typecast 20131227
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Just a quick post of the typecast that I started at today's Type-In at California Typewriter in Berkeley, courtesy of the magical organizational powers of Richard Polt and the documentary crew, and of course our hosts. At the end of the event, Richard pointed out that three hours seemed like it would be too long -- in the end, they flew by. I got my hands on some prize machines, at least long enough to get type samples and some photos, which I hope to post tomorrow. Highlights certainly include the animal-key Remington, the 6-cpi Smith-Corona painted in pink glitter, and all the worthy machines lining the shop walls. A chrome Lettera! A gilt Royal Quiet de Luxe! Three-banks galore! Arrrrgh! The temptations were great indeed.

Best of all, though, were the people: putting actual faces to names I've only read online, or voices to those faces that I've only seen in profile photos. (If that makes any sense.) Oh, and a Fun Fact! I was not at all successful in appearing cool and collected around of the camera, and am sure that I babbled and rambled mercilessly. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Honest. I don't talk that fast in real life. Sometimes I even make sense.

In all, a grand event, and I'm very grateful to Herb, Ken, and Carmen for opening their doors, laying out the tables, and keeping the room humming on coffee and cupcakes. There was music in the air today, folks, and it was lovely.

Typed on Sadie, freshly waxed and cleaned with a brand new ribbon
"Sadie" Underwood De Luxe Quiet Tab c. 1954


Richard P said...

Excellent description of the happy atmosphere!

It was a pleasure to meet you in person, and you even appeared to make sense. I swear.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great 3,5 hours!

Bill M said...

Looks like the Type-In was a great success and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

I really like that Underwood.

Ted said...

Oooh! Type-in report! :D

Aren't you glad you went back for that Underwood in the thrift?

TonysVision said...

You captured the feeling of that warm friendly chaotic lovely event very well. Sadie was looking great. And on babbling, when not doing that I think I was just standing around in a sort of jaw dropped overloaded drooling mode. I'm both looking forward and dreading whatever the docu folks come up with. But it was totally and completely great fun, and yes, went way too fast.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there's anyone alive (besides professional newscasters) who are sure they seem calm and collected on camera. I felt like I was babbling, too!

Your report is wonderful and really captured the day. Thanks!

Ted said...

added a link to both your reports of the type-in to :D