Tuesday, November 24, 2009


20091124 typecast
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UPDATE: transcribed for the copy-and-paste challenged...

November 24, 2009


I've been keeping a low profile for the past week or so, willing your word-counts past whatever hurdles you might be facing from over here along the sidelines. I'm not sure if my cheering/goading is helping matters at all, or just annoying you to no end: I hope for the former and always suspect the latter. Those U.S.-based members of the typosphere at least get a reprieve in the form of a long holiday weekend, which I hope you're not all spending hunched over the keys, at least not without a slice of pie close at hand. Take strength in the caloric overload of the season, and don't forget what this Thursday is really all about (and no, not for stocking the shelved in dreadful anticipation of Black Friday.) Contrarian that I am, I far prefer making a big fuss over Thanksgiving in the face of the pre-pre-pre Christmas hysteria. You know we'll be sitting tounf the table making handprint-and-construction-paper turkeys while we wait for the tolls to bake or the cranberries to boil. Even that big Parade is so overly commercial that the kids won't sit through it. Take a little time away from the word pile to grab a convenient loved one (child, parent, pet, Olympia) and tell them "thanks" for putting up with you and your eccentricities for another 365.

On Friday, it's all back to business.


Julia Eff said...

I gave up after the first sentence. I'm sure this is awesome and intriguing and full of answers about the meaning of life and typewriterdom as we know it, but it's late and I'm trying to eat soup and I simply don't have the talent to rotate and read at the same time.

James Watterson said...

Ohh my neck, I had my head sideways laying on my arm on the desk.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving! I can almost smell the food now.

And I can't wait to finnish my Nano Novel and let it sit and simmer on the back burner before going at it again. I feel like this year my story has potential. I think also it being mostly a non fiction helps.

Strikethru said...

I am thankful for hand turkeys, and plan to make several on Thursday.

Have to say, Thanksgiving is the one day I am glad I am not doing Nano.

deek said...

C'mon now, just because we all love typewriters doesn't mean we are living in the 1940s! Copy, paste, rotate and read...takes all of about 20 seconds.

Anyways, I just crossed the 35,000 word mark last night. If I push for 10 pages a day from now until Monday, I'll hit 50,000. But, I can guarantee my story won't be done...so its somewhat bittersweet.

I'm riding between just continuing to write, finish my novel and not worry about word count vs. pushing hard to get word count but know that I'll still have some writing in December. Oh the dilemma!!!