Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Instant Typing Chart
20091117 typecast
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Mike Speegle said...

Rise up, my typospherian brethren, and let us strike down this Clemens for his unprecedented prolific-ness!

Seriously, though, congrats. Your prize for finishing early is a trophy made entirely out of envious glares and frustrated mutterings.

mpclemens said...

Looking at last year's entry on this date, I see that I had just broken through that magic 50K ceiling on the 17th. Little did I know that I'd be writing nearly that same amount again by the end of the month. Prolificness has its price.

I expect all the bitterness and bad mojo to be refined into gems of pure white loathing, just in time for me to ship out the revised draft to y'all for beta-reading. Be warned: in adding my excerpt to the site I think I actually created more words than were present in the draft.

sjb said...

Congratulations! Your speed has left my jaw hanging agape and raises the bar for all of us. I'm 11,000 words ahead of my own pace at this time last year, and can easily envision more for 2010. Let's face it, I'm a typewriter newbie and my hands and forearms are just getting whipped into shape now.

Some serious typing juju here...

Simon (sjb)

Mike Speegle said...

I just read you excerpt.

Damn you, Clemens. It's good. It's really, really good.

I kind of don't want to share mine now.

Word Verification: Remette- well, I think we all know that one.

mpclemens said...

I'm relieved.

Also: mortified.

I want to read about the monster house, Speegle. Really and truly.

Monda said...

I'm not worthy. You're truly the word count mack-daddy.

Strikethru said...

Did I miss something? Where is your excerpt?

Strikethru said...

Well, duh. It's at nano.com.