Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Big Wrap-Up

20091217 typecast


deek said...

Yeah, this is my first Christmas that my oldest is NOT oblivious to going on...should be interesting.

I have put my NaNo down, but not out of choice. I wanted to finish it in December, but things just got so busy and my latest knee injury have all gotten in the way of just sitting down and writing...I don't want to wait any longer to get back in my story, but it may be best if I just give in and wait until after Christmas. I have a week vacation after that day, so maybe I can make some headway writing then?

All cookie baking is done though. So I'm one up on you there:)

James Watterson said...

Merry Christmas Mike! I feel the same about taking out this years draft, it is only a matter of time. I do have a question though, do you think you will be writing your next draft again on the "beast" or doing it on the Alpha Pro? Personally, I am thinking about doing my second draft again on my SG because it is a dream to work with and then retyping it on the AS. What do you think?

mpclemens said...

Much as I'd like to do a second typed draft, I'll probably break out the AlphaSmart for the second version. I'm still trying to pick a good process for the rewrite: with 2008's I just jumped in and started marking up whole pages in ink -- satisfying for a pen nut, but sloooow. I've laid in a stash of sticky notes and a new Rhodia A4 size pad, I'm considering doing this as notes...

* Leave a sticky in the draft where something needs help
* Flesh it out on the Rhodia pad

This is the plan, anyhow.

Strikethru said...

So, how does this tasks on cards work? You write down tasks, and family members chime in on the priorities, etc? It might be time for me to open a can of index card whoopass on the spouse.

Word verif: "whotta"

Whotta great idea!

mpclemens said...

Hrm. Maybe I wasn't clear. The cards/tasks are for work -- I have one group that I do a lot of work for, so I type up all the sizable tasks on index cards and make them sort them out in order for me.

Task priorities at home are determined by She Who Must Be Obeyed. No cards required. :-)

Anonymous said...

My wife loves her Blackberry but she handwrites things on our "real" calendar for my benefit because I like seeing everything at once.

Although I'm glued to my 3 (versus the 9 I used to have), I am an SM follower, too. They are quick and smooth and just rad.

Speaking of "cards," I just read that Vladimir Nabokov wrote his novels by hand on 3x5 index cards.