Wednesday, March 24, 2010


20100324 pencast
Written with the freshly re-nibbed Murray the Frankenpen:
Murray, re-nibbed


deek said...

Don't forget to offer/check with theportabletypewriterforum and typeswap (both Yahoo! Groups). I've given one of mine away (1950s Royal QDL) simply for the cost of shipping to someone that wanted it to write.

Craigslist is good and easy (and local), but with those two forums, you are much more likely to get someone that really wants it to use.

Strikethru said...

I still have a number of manual machines from my haul last summer that I can't figure out to whom and how to part with. They weigh one trillion lbs apiece, and so sending them to like-minded typospherians is just out of the question.

If you come up with any typewriter dispatching ideas that don't involve meeting weird Craigs list dudes in parking lots (this kind of freaks me out, I just sort of picture Ted Bundy or the Unibomber showing up in a Chevy), let me know.

deek said...

Sorry, this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine...why would sending a heavy typewriter be out of the question?

My heaviest is just around 40lbs (although it feels like a trillion) and when I looked it up on USPS to ship across the country, the parcel cost (which goes up to 130lbs) was $37.

Are you saying that you wouldn't want to "give" that to someone or the hassle to box something that big and heavy up, plus taking it to the post office is too much? If so, then I understand. But, if the recipient is paying for the shipping and all I was out was packing it up and a trip to the post office, I don't see that out of the question.

Obviously, local pickups are the easiest, but I'm just thinking if someone was offering a typewriter that I really wanted, I'd be willing to pay shipping, even if it cost me $50-$75.

mpclemens said...

If/when I do start culling, I'm going to insist on professional packing. I'd shipped two portables cross-country, and it's been fine, but it certainly requires attention to packing. And yes, I'd prefer adoption to Type Swap and Portable list members.

Mike Speegle said...

Hear hear! I'd gladly pay an exorbitant fee for a new typomechanical thing to be gently shipped.

To me.

Anonymous said...

Strikethru - What machines do you have available? I'm not far away and may be interested.


mpclemens said...

OK, first offers are up on TypeSwap. First up: two more contemporary Remingtons.