Friday, October 1, 2010

Why I Write

A response to this post of deek's over on Type Clack...

20101001 typecast pt1
Brainstorming supplies
20101001 typecast pt2
Portable Plotting Kit
20101001 typecast pt3
Time to Edit, or, the Proof is in the Pruning
20101001 typecast pt4
NaNoWriMo 2008: Day 14
20101001 typecast pt5
All Aboard the Noiseless Express
Typed on "Lucky", my 1946 Remington Noiseless Model Seven


David said...

Very nice post and nice typewriter !
Could I kindly ask you to add a link to my typecast/typweriters blog too ? it is (pretty simple to type :) ) obviously I did add you on my blog already !

deek said...

Haha, yeah, programming syntax is quite harsh. I've had my days chewed up by a stray comma, semi-colon and even a space...ugh!

I think you touched on one of my reasons why I write and that is ego. Being able to say, yeah, I wrote THAT book or bragging to a close friend...its not the most glamorous reason, but sometimes the truth is anything but glamorous.

Thanks for the response!

Ted said...

Very nice entry! I can relate to the misplaced comma and missing semicolon thing, but my thing always seems to be using "=" where "==" is supposed to go (assignment instead of comparison) and spending more time than I ought to trying to figure out why it always evaluates true. :P

BTW, isn't the SC Skyriter just the perfect laptop typer? I love it to bits despite the fact that it smells funny and has a lousy carriage return lever.

Elizabeth H. said...

Yeah, what you said. Loved this, Mike. I'll just say "Amen" to pretty much everything. Which, maybe, gets me out of writing a "Why I Write" of my own, which is good 'cause a) as I've been told, I write about this subject too much already, and b) it's been a nutsy week (I originally wrote busny, which may also be true) and my brain isn't working. Hence my last two blog pots being total cop-outs. Ungh.

Oh, and I particularly like the artsy fisheye sorta shot of the Remington. Very creative.

D. Loon said...

"One of the great tragedies of adulthood is the infinite niddling consequences that fall out of your every act."

I think I'll type this out and stick it up somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Nice presentation, sir. I don't have the sanity to make such a collage as you have. (At this point I haven't even responded to Deek's admonition yet, anyway. What a slacker I can be.)