Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All I Needed Was the Crazy

November dreaming
Laws-a-mercy, it's four days until November. Maybe it's just the pre-holiday malted milk balls talking, but I'm suddenly excited about this month. You may remember last week's self-pitying whinge about feeling preemptively blocked and bored of my story, or at least scared that it would turn into a month-long drudge instead of a celebration of free writing. I'm happy to say that the fear has evaporated, since I found the crazy.


Or rather, my main character did. Or will. Without tipping my hand, let's just say that my main character is pretty much doomed this year, in what could become a very bleak book. And I'm not very good at bleak, but the story seems to demand it. I've been trying to think of ways to throw a little leavening into the plot, a little lightness without going too far, and without making some kind of stock Comic Relief Wacky Neighbor type character. Nothing came to mind, and then it struck me. Unreliable narrator, whispered the muse, and suddenly all was made clear.

Holy Flare!

So yes, now the story is bleak, the main character is doomed, and he's very likely not on firm mental footing.

I couldn't be happier!


Duffy Moon said...

Whatever it takes, man.
Now stop showing off.

Elizabeth H. said...

I couldn't be happier!

Um...congrats? I think...

Ted said...

Excellent! Chaos feeds creativity. (:

mpclemens said...

@Duffy: my story sticks its tongue out at you. No wimping out this year, mister.

@LFP: Thank you! I think. Really, things were looking too cushy.

@Ted: Exactly. Now even the ordinary scenes will be slightly weirder. Heh heh heh.