Monday, January 10, 2011

Word Power

20110110 typecast

Sent from Morticia, the SM-3

"Morticia", the curbside Olympia SM-3, c. 1956


MTCoalhopper said...

Okay, so this makes the third conversation about the new "Huck Finn" into which I have entered, today. You have summarized the ongoing discussions, nicely. That word we can not use appeared 297 times, and "Slave" Jim (as he is now being called) used it to describe himself. The way Twain wrote it is the way he meant for it to be read.

If we're going to muck up this classic story, at least put in some teenage vampires!

wordrebel said...

Well I was going to leave a thoughtful comment but not only did MTC say exactly what I thought but the teenage vampire line is classic!

D. Loon said...

I've been thinking about these questions too. What you express has been so self-evident to me that I struggle with putting it into words (how ironic). But it's important to be able to explain why it's important. -What a sentence! Bleah.

I see speech at the heart of what makes us human and writing at the heart of what makes us civilized.