Monday, March 7, 2011

A New Blog With Which To Waste Your Time

Hello all, just a brief word of shameless self-promotion. After picking up the name and then ignoring it, I'm finally getting off my duff and trying to start dumping a little content into a new blog:

I have no Grand Plans yet, but first order of business is to try and put together a map of where all the fine typecasting folks are located. I think the typosphere community has really boomed as of late, and I'd like to see this evolve into some kind of community blog, for general notes-of-interest -- type-in announcements, for instance, when I forget just which of the many Washington-based bloggers is hosting one, and when and where. As the community grows even bigger, I'm imagining some kind of virtual kiosk that we can all contribute to, beyond our own personal blogs. This is just a silly little side-project, and should in no way be construed as a power-grab, or some kind of mandatory administrative thing with Committees and Dues and Rules.

In other words, one of these:

College Campus Bulletin Board
by Jeffrey Beall

not one of these:

by Frozen Grapes

Thanks everyone.


Anonymous said...


The pictures? Perfect visual aids for the useless thing inside my head I call a brain.

shordzi said...

thanks for taking action and creating the typosphere blog! question and suggestion: could this be a blog with multiple members, a common blog for all members of the typosphere? would be nice to have a shared project like this. regards & happy typing!

mpclemens said...

@shordzi: that is the idea. I was going to allow members the ability to post to the site, where is "member" is someone in the typosphere.

James Watterson said...


Duffy Moon said...

Will there be matching bowling shirts or jumpsuits?

Ryan said...

The second one looks cooler though...

deek said...

I must have a matching bowling shirt!