Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Study in Stripes

20110301 typecast

Typed on the pica Smith-Corona Silent Super:
SC Silent-Super & Strawberries
...which looked like this when we first met. (Just to be clear, this is not the new rescue machine, which will have photos later.)


Duffy Moon said...

Even if I had ten of those, I'd still take home another if I happened across it. Fine machines, those Silent Supers.

(I don't, by the way, have ten of them. Just one - pretty much exactly like the one you've got here. But a guy can dream.)

Art said...

Yay Silent Supers!!!! I want another one. And a Skywriter to match the one I have.

But the racing stripes are the best--mine has them too. And the bigger typeface. Mad huge compared the the Remington.


Totally am continuing with being a spaz!

It's CLUB and a month to the Frenzy!


Anonymous said...

Good find.

Hey, do you have an Olympia SF? If so, what do you think of it? There is one down the street from me but it is at an antique store so it is priced accordingly ($75). It's pretty neat to type on but I don't if it's seventy-five bones neat.

Adwoa said...

I am jealous! It occurs to me that in the past year since I started looking at typewriters, I have heard so much about Silent Supers and I have never even seen one in person. I just want to find out what all the hype is about :( But, perhaps one day I shall make it stateside and get to visit with one. I really hope you are able to fix it; there's nothing quite as frustrating as having a typewriter you know has the potential to be great, just that it has some niggling mechanical problem that could easily be fixed if only you knew just which screw to tighten. You'll figure it out, I'm sure.

@Snohomish - It really depends on the condition of the SF. It is a fine typewriter, but some of us have complained about the keyboard being particularly unyielding. If the one you saw is in like-new condition with an interesting color and typeface, then maybe $75 might be worth it. (I paid about that much for my script SF, including shipping.) Otherwise, it's not an absolute must-have, so there are probably other less-expensive-but-just-as-good-if-not better portables to be found out there.

mpclemens said...

@Snohomish, I'm with Adwoa. The SF is built well, certainly better than a lot of ultra-portables, but typing on it was... "eh" for me. I had one and passed it on as a gift, and I'm Olympia-nuts. I was hoping for the crispness of the SM series, or at least something approximating it. To me, it felt more like typing in oatmeal. Well-engineered German oatmeal, but still... oatmeal.

$75 for a portable sounds very dear to me. I'd try it if you're serious, and then dicker like crazy of you like it. Mine came via Freecycle, and I still passed on it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the input, kids. The store that it resides in is a consignment store. Yesterday was their opening day so they said the owner would not be at all interested in lowering the price. Perhaps if it's still there in a month...

Of all the fifties SCs, that green is the best color, I think.

Art said...

Nah, green isn't the best. Blue is better.

Anonymous said...

Ah, interesting. Thanks for adding yet ANOTHER machine to my "Need To Have One Someday" list.

shordzi said...

Thanks for the cleaning advice on crinkled paint. I got the Super Silent's electrified cousin, which is not all that silent, but a very much appreciated item of my collection, and which could need some cleaning (http://www.flickr.com/photos/shordzi/5358378570/)