Monday, March 28, 2011

We are GO for Stanley!

Well, I wasn't sure that was going to happen, but details have finally come home with my daughter. Flat Stanley is ready for his travels through the typosphere if you, gentle readers, are willing to receive him. It looks like we need to gather at least five names and addresses, and then Stanley will make round trips from here to each destination. From the assignment sheet:
We will ask each host to keep [Stanley] for a short visit and then send him back telling us something about their city and the exciting things Flat Stanley saw or did while he was there. Some Great Flat Stanleys we have heard about have come back dressed in clothing from the area, with souveniers, area-appropriate mementos, travel brochures, photographs, postcards, and more.
Thanks to the kindness of Strikethru, we've got a selection of flat typewriter stamps to choose from, and one may get tucked along in the envelope. More details are coming, but for now, I need the names and addresses of anyone willing to act as a host for Stanley, to be turned in by this Friday. You don't have to post them here if you don't want to, just send them to mpclemens at gmail dot com and we'll take it from there.

Thanks typosphere!


rino breebaart said...

Cool! Look FW to a visit from The Flat.

J.A. said...

Yo! If you think Stanley would enjoy scenic Milwaukee - with the astounding Calatrava at our Art Museum (, a closeup view of gorgeous Miller Park (, and a stroll through the artsy sections of town ( - you have my address! Just give me a heads up so I can plan the best visit possible!

danielle bear said...

you can add my address, which you already have, dearie. i bet stanley will not enjoy visiting me, but he's most welcome. thanks.

Anonymous said...

The Northwest may not be the most interesting place compared to other places Stanley might go but I'm willing if you're interested.