Monday, May 30, 2011


20110530 typecast

Inaugural typecast on the dipped-and-dunked Olivetti Lettera 32:
Olivetti Lettera 32, c. 1975


sjb said...

Catan's a great game. I just discovered it about a year ago and I play if with my wife. I'm waiting for my kids to be old enough to play it, too. How old are your little 'uns, and how hard was it to teach them the rules?


mpclemens said...

The box claims that the lower age is ten, although my eight-year old did just fine, even snatching up "longest road" and "biggest army" bonuses in two different games. She had her competitive sense honed to razor sharpness by learning to play card games like Uno, which emphasize making your neighbor cry at every opportunity. She routinely grinds me into dust when we play.

MTCoalhopper said...

Maybe that is why the age recommendation is ten. Maybe there should be an addendum: "Do NOT let kids under ten play this. They have absolutely no sense of fair play, and you WILL lose to someone too young to ride a bike."

And what is this? Kids enthralled by something not on the computer, not on television, and generally not blitzing them with flashing lights and blasting sound? What is the world coming to? :)

deek said...

Great game. One of my friends got me hooked on it a few years back (they've got hundreds of board games). I went through a phase where I played 5-6 games a day on my phone and then played with my friends when they all came home for a holiday.

Endless amount of fun, for sure and there are some cool expansions if you ever tire of the basic game (which I haven't).

There is also a 2-player card game that's pretty fun. My wife and I play it from time to time.

If you are into family games, you should look at Telestrations (sp?) and Wits and Wagers.