Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Typewriter Day

Typewriter Day 2011

The scene for today's Typewriter Day celebrations. I've got video to splice together of the actual typing, such as it is. It was very difficult to pack up at the end of my lunch hour and head back indoors.


Rob Bowker said...

Beautiful setting Mike.

deek said...

Yeah, using my smartphone that uploads directly to my YouTube account was a MAJOR factor in deciding not to just use my vidcam or my camera that takes video.

The quality may be a couple notches lower (especially indoors), but the easy to get it posted greatly makes up for it!

Ted said...

Wonderful setting! Tori and I decided to do our typewriter day video in a park, and I think I lost about a pound or two sweating in the heat :D

notagain said...

i love the shooting angle!