Monday, October 31, 2011

Fingers at the ready...

Brigade Poster

One day left! Where's my character name file? Do I have enough paper? Who moved my ribbons? For heaven's sake, how does this book start?

Pre-flight jitters here. How's everybody else?


deek said...

I'm doing okay. Trying to decide if I should just start at midnight, since I'll likely be up. Names come easy to me, so no issue there. I've got some notecards that take me through a few scenes, which is more than enough to get a week's worth of writing.

I am a little jittery about how to start, but based on past experience, the first few pages are usually rough anyhow, so I am not going to worry about it.

Richard P said...

I know what to do in my first two paragraphs. After that it's shaky. I also don't really know whether my resoluteness and my time supply are there. We shall see!

Plus, I'm hoping for delivery of some special ribbons and an unusual paper-related-object-type-thingumy. They will appear on my blog when they show up.

Duffy Moon said...

Is that a KHM she's typing on? Hard to tell. Sorta looks like one, but doesn't have the metal tab at the top for clearing tab stops.

Wait, what was your question again?

Mike Speegle said...

Don't stress! The book can start any old way you like, so long as it's completely awesome and totally unique and innovative. No pressure!

Elizabeth H. said...

*Whaps Speegle upside the head*

Ahem...where was I?

I know what to do once I get past the first few paragraphs, but still haven't decided where to start. This makes me queasy. Hopefully I'll have it worked out by the end of the day.

I'm not one of those midnight writers, so I'll probably start in bring and early tomorrow.

Elizabeth H. said...

Er...*bright* and early. This is starting out just great, isn't it?

sjb said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuugh! That's where I am. I finally came up with an idea last night and now I have to work today so I can't plot it out. I might be spending the time after the kids go to bed tonight (wired on chocolate, so... about 10) plotting and I might be up at midnight anyways.

Always great to know the TW Brigade has my back, though.

mpclemens said...

@deek: Oh, and a BABY to freaking take care of. Don't forget that wins-the-Internet excuse. I think I know how the story starts, but I won't really know until I've written the ending.

@Richard: November is the cruelest month for Academics, that's for sure. Hoping you can set aside some time, though. I like your all-Olivetti plan.

@Duffy: I did the exact same thing. "Well, it's a Royal for sure, pre-war model most likely..."

@Speegle: Yeah, thanks for that.

@LFP: And with two fewer wisdom teeth, too! Yours should be an interesting draft...

@sjb: The Brigade is circling the wagons, keeping out the naysayers and passing around fresh ribbons and extra paper. It's a marvelous thing when the words start flowing, that's for sure.

Cameron said...

TOTALLY jittery.

I suddenly realize I don't have any extra ribbons. Gotta...order...FAST!

Will start writing tomorrow. I have more trouble deciding which typewriter to use than what to write in my first paragraphs!

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US in the Brigade!

notagain said...

I started out great - everyone loves the first 20 pp., then kind of wandered awhile. Even so I was able to pile it on and finish. hope to at least match that this time.

Strikethru said...

Although I am not participating in Nano, I still can't get over my amusement over the Nano Rhino.

May he trample none of you this month.