Thursday, October 27, 2011


20111027 pencast

Our scanner at work is black and white only, so here's a photo of my ad hoc test setup. The lines you can see on the paper are shining through from a lined pad I put underneath the sheet.
Bagasse paper stress-test

Ink feathering detail:
Bagasse paper feathering

Paper texture detail:
Bagasse paper texture detail

The paper is by Sugarmade, and is acid-free, 20#, 92 brightness.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's lovely! How much is it? I'm a big fan of el cheapo copy paper myself, so anything other than that it a shock to me.

Cameron said...

Looks great!

How much does it cost, and where can I buy it?

None of this information seems to be available on their website, "green" as it may be! ;-)

Mike Speegle said...

Yeah, where does one get such primo paperage?

Also: aren't Pilot Varsity's (Varsities?) great?

mpclemens said...

This came from our local Grocery Outlet store, which makes it even more of a find, since stock varies wildly week to week, and from store to store. It was all of $3 for the ream (500 sheets) which should be good for a couple of NaNo's. Like anything purchased at the "gross out", you never really know what it's going to be like. But I like the paper, so I may clean them out tomorrow if they have any more left.

Looks like the packaging changed, which may be how G.O. got them in the first. They get a lot of things packed in promotional packages, or meant for Mexican or Canadian sales, or some other oddities. This certainly fits the bill.

Richard P said...

Sugarcane/bamboo paper ((interrobang))

Sounds like the perfect medium for a panda with a sweet tooth.

mpclemens said...

@Richard: heh

Waiting for another sequel to Lynne Truss' book:

Eats, Shoots & Leaves & Writes ‽

(That's typed &amp#x203d; for those who wish to interrbang all night...)

Duffy Moon said...

A good NaNoNoveling paper shouldn't make one want to leave the typewriter and head for the kitchen. (Or, I suppose, even worse: consume the document.)