Friday, November 4, 2011

Keeping the Rhino Fed

Nano Rhino Werdz

Weekends are tough for me at NaNo time. There's usually a couple of kid-related activities to attend to, plus action-packed items on my honey-do list, like cleaning gutters and taking down the Halloween cobwebs from the porch. Unlike weekdays when I'm operating on a schedule, it's tough to get a distraction-free writing session completed. I'm still getting up early, which gives me an hour or so to get something down on paper, but my catch-up lunch sessions fall away until Monday. I honestly dread Thanksgiving break for this same reason.

Don't get me wrong: I love my kids and my family, and being busy and all. But November is the time to feed the Rhino, and I enjoy that, too. So, I'll squeeze in what writing I can this weekend, maybe bring out a pica machine to fool myself into writing more. Six pages per day is my goal, regardless of type size. Come Monday, though, I know there's going to be a hungry beast lurking on the keys, waiting for sustenance.


Cameron said...

Six pages per day should keep you ahead of the curve, I hope.

I am amazed that you write as much as you do, given all your responsibilities (and distractions).

Rhinos are resilient, I've heard, so yours should survive just fine until Monday!

Mike Speegle said...

I'm feelin' ya, dawg. Mr. Speegle the younger has two days off this week for teacher in-service, thus precipitating my two-page day yesterday.

deek said...

I've been getting one page done early each day, due to being home on paternity leave.

Luckily, my writing doesn't really start until after the kids go to bed, which gives me a solid four hours to write, although I've just been using two or three.

So, I guess I've been successfully focusing on family during the day and writing at night...