Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dirty Filthy Cheater

All right, we're going to give this another try.

After a late-in-the-month crash and burn in 2011, I'm jumping back into the summertime version of NaNoWriMo for real this year, but as threatened, I'm going to being a low-down no-good word-hoardin' cheater this time, opting to spend the month of June transcribing and editing my 2011 entry instead of trying to cut a new draft from whole cloth.

Any wayward Typewriter Brigade members and lovers of the Rhino can find me on the camp site by clicking the little tent badge over on the sidebar of the blog, or on this one:

In theory, this edit-not-write plan should be easy, since the words are already on the page, and I've already savaged  the draft with a pen inked with mystickal editorial ochre. The hard fact, though, is that this draft is at least as long as One Last Quest, and that took me a couple of months to get into the computer, and more besides to whip into readable shape, and then more still to work up the nerve to put it into the hands of readers. Without the motivational time-suck abilities of the Brigade in full swing, I have to sustain myself on the steady drip of peer pressure I'm feeling from certain corners of the Typosphere to follow suit and effectively double my published output.

So: skulking off to camp, in full blown cheat mode. And when I get back, sunburned and mosquito-bitten and slightly sticky from coffee and s'more consumption, I hope to have something worth sharing.


Art said...

We can still distract you from here.

notagain said...

good idea! best of luck to you!

sjb said...

Camp is good for unfinished NaNoWriMo business. Last summer I took the time to complete my 2010 novel. My wife is making noises about taking part in Camp this year. Editing a previous novel (2009 was a particularly promising draft) sounds like a good idea.


Unknown said...

I would use this month to finish out my novel, but I would be cheating worse than you. I only have 8 chapters to write up and then 11 to edit. I don't worry about transcribing because I use OCR. Yeah, like I said. Cheating.