Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Universal Truths

Universal Badge

typecast 20120815

Typed on an Underwood Universal with a pretty bad ribbon!
Underwood Universal, c.1957


Ted said...

Nice tie-in with the Underwood! :D

Very nice Underwood as well! The aquisitive urge is getting easier to resist for me as well, unless the incoming thing is a free adoption.

Bill M said...

Very nice post. Great Underwood.

Resisting the urge to buy another typewriter....just when I thought I would not buy any more I found a script machine.

You are not the only one with little time for playing an instrument. I think I started, stopped and restarted mine ... well, so often after moving here that I lost count.

Richard P said...

Sweet li'l machine. That is my favorite Underwood logo, and they didn't use it for very long, I think.

Dwayne F. said...

I love that logo as well.

As for the parenting part, I can relate. Our oldest just had her Freshman only half-day and will have her first full day tomorrow. She was accepted in the Animal Health program and is a transfer to an out of attendance area high school leaving behind friends from the last eight years. It is a very strange feeling.

michaeliany said...

Thanks for the post, esp about your kids growing up and going to school.

For me now, that seems far away but i know it'll be here before i know it - i am trying to continue to take every experience in. I cant believe my little one is now 8 1/2 months. Time sure does fly.

nice underwood too. if i had more space, i would seriously consider grabbing one of those!

deek said...

Yeah, free acquisitions are about where I'm at, too. And when they happen out of the blue, quite awesome!!!

My two oldest are going to preschool this year (3 day for one and 2 day for the other), so I'm not quite there yet. That time will come though and I have mixed feelings about it!

Cameron said...

Your Universal looks very much like mine, judging from the limited picture views and the typeface. I truly enjoy the typing action on my example -- how about you?

mpclemens said...

The Universal is a nice little machine: I think the only "modern" Underwood portable I have, in fact. It's very light-feeling, though the portable itself weighs a ton.

I'm pretty much as a typewriter saturation point, too, short of exotic models or freebies. And this one's in really nice shape -- I love the logo.