Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stapler Week

Wait, I missed stapler week in the Typosphere?



Swingline Speed Stapler #3

My own humble contribution to the photoset. Found (of course) while thrifting. This is a #3 Swingline, a shorter, stubbier version of the desk-sized #4. It's in amazingly good shape, and I use it at work regularly.

Swingline Speed Stapler #3

I love that even something as mundane as an office stapler appeared to require aerodynamic styling, possibly to coordinate with the other things on the desk...

"Sadie" Underwood De Luxe Quiet Tab c. 1954

Some of that design aesthetic lingered on long after staplers and typewriters became angular metal and plastic:

When was the last time?

The best thing about standards...

Brand identity


Ted said...

You did not miss Stapler Week - a fine entry to the cause! :D

Richard P said...

A classic. It definitely shares an aesthetic with that Underwood.

Piotr Trumpiel said...

It is a very handsome trio!

Bill M said...

Isn't it wonderful how things used to be made to work and LAST?

Nice stapler. I need to find an old one to add. Mine is from the 1980s.

Great pairing of the stapler with the Underwood and pencil sharpener.

Anonymous said...

Now that is what I call a stapler! Great pencil sharpener too.