Friday, January 10, 2014

A Closer Look

The slow-motion collection diaspora continues, as the Silver-Reed travel machine is rehomed to Cynthia, one of the attendees of the recent Bay Area type-in, and keeper of the super-sparkly Smith Corona...

Type-In at California Typewriter in Berkeley CA Dec 27 2013

Here's the Silver-Reed, back in the day:

Silver-Reed 750 "Fast Spacer"

The adoption process resulted in me pulling out the travel machines in advance, as well as the three portables I still have around. In the end, only the Silver-Reed walked out the door, but I'm always pleased to pass on a machine to a new home, especially locally, since it takes out the stress of shipping.

While I had the machines out, I remembered that the Signature 100 travel machine (yet another Japanese-made model) was ribbon advance issues. Specifically, the advance wasn't -- the plastic cogs that lie underneath the ribbon spools were not advancing, though there were some suspiciously flappy-looking springs in their vicinity that may simply have come detached. It's a condition I first noticed during NaNoWriMo "auditions" back in 2012.

Here's the 100:

Signature 100 Typewriter

After I said good-bye to Cynthia and before I packed up the machines, I vowed to give the 100 a closer look. Some fiddling around with a magnifying lens and a dental pick, a little squinting, and the luck of finding a similar spring hookup nearby meant that this annoying issue was fixable in all of ten minutes. I'm not sure how permanent my "repair" may be; it may turn out that I need to bend a hook into the end of the springs to hold them in place better. But now suddenly I'm blessed with a new/old machine, back off the "injury" pile and into the "worth a second look" stack.

Space is tight in Bay Area domiciles, a fact that Cynthia and I both bemoaned. Tighter still if you have a tendency to accumulate machinery (or phones, kitchen appliances, etc.). A travel-size machine is pretty small, considering. No thicker than a dictionary, really. (This is called justification.) Maybe... maybe it's worth a second look around the house, too, to see if there's somewhere this machine could be stowed?


Bill M said...

Space issues? You should live in Florida where one must be a millionaire to afford a house with storage space

I hope you get your ribbon feed working. I found on one of my Japanese machines one of the springs was streached. I cut it short and reattached it and solved the problem.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to clean the Silver Reed, but I got some new ribbons for it (at California Typewriter, of course!) I've also managed to keep it hidden from my roommate (so far.)

That paper insertion problem we found is not a bug, but a feature: according to the owner's manual (for the Royal version) you must use the paper release lever when inserting multiple sheets of paper and/or carbons.