Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Typewriter Day!

One hundred forty years ago today, Christopher Latham Sholes was granted the first United States Patent for a typewriter, a fact that we celebrate! He is also responsible for unleashing QWERTY upon the world, which may not be celebrated quite as loudly.

Few patents from 1868 have such a presence in modern times. If you have a typewriter, dust it off, get those fingers on the home row, and type up a note of thanks to dear old Mr. Sholes.

Safe from keychoppers


Olivander said...

Excellent shot!

mpclemens said...

Thank you! It's the keys on my 1930's Royal portable, accidentally run through the "foliage" setting on my camera, which boots the green up a bit. I liked the effect.

It's going to be typing with me today somewhere, although our air quality is so bad due to wildfires right now. "In public" may get reduced to "in the lobby of our building."