Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seeing yellow

Lomolitos, yellow A coworker left this little Lomolitos camera as a gift while I was on break. I'm not qure how I feel about the whole lomography "movement" -- it certainly smells faddish, especially passing off the results of super-cheap plastic cameras as arty, and the directions within are expressly defiant of all things Serious Photography (disregard framing, flash and focus distances, etc.) I've been trying to relax about all of this and snap some yellow-tinged photos just to give it a whirl. This camera is closer kin to the all-plastic cameras you'd find at the dollar store than to a true one-use camera. The film and battery can both be replaced in the Lomotios; this is lucky since I needed to do the latter right away to resurrect the flash.

Except for my typical paranoia about taking photos in public places, I'm enoying toting this little thing around. I'll work on finishing up the roll and scanning the results.


Strikethru said...

Darn you. Now I want to try one.

mpclemens said...

Except for the small size, I can't see paying $11 for this. $3 at a thrift shop around here can grab you a 35mm camera with a flash, and with a little clever crafting, homebrew flash filters and lens covers would be easy to make.

Still, gift horses and all.

Olivander said...

Or, heck, just use outdoors color-balanced film indoors under incandescent lights and--presto!--Lomolitotography!

Or, if you have an SLR, do what I did once and shoot a roll of color film with a yellow filter over the lens, mistakenly believing that the camera is loaded with b&w. :-)

Mike Speegle said...

They look pretty cheesy and not at all useful, and yet I must have one.