Friday, January 16, 2009

Warming the cockles

Still reeling with secret jealousy over Strikethru's latest retail treasure, I made my usual thrift rounds today at lunch in search of a fish sculpture (don't ask.) A complete bust on the fish, but look what I uncovered instead.


Wrapped for your protection I feel like a wine nut that's just found a bottle of rare Ch√Ęteau Snooty at the local swap meet. It's brand-new, still wrapped in tattered plastic, a band around the sheets of delightfully nubby, super-light paper. It's been years since I held a sheet of this stuff. I promised myself that I would not covet the fine paper collections of my fellow typecasters, that using the backs of cheap office cast-offs would do me just fine. I'm of midwestern stock, I'm supposed to be Practical and Sensible about this sort of thing.

Did I mention that I can't stop sniffing the paper? I hope Southworth didn't treat their papers with anything noxious, or I'll be getting an unintentional contact high, and I'm already a bit giddy.


Strikethru said...

OMG. That is way better than my Mead paper from '95. Jackpot.

I thought of your tendency to stalk thrift stores the other day when I was... stalking thrift stores. The only thing I found though was this fantastic little 1940's porcelain doll, which has nothing to do with writing or machinery-- I guess it was my fish sculpture.

mpclemens said...

Stalking is pretty much how I'd describe it, especially if I'm decked out in the long coat and hat. All the mystique breaks down when I find something like this, though, and try to suppress giggles all the way out the door. "Don't you people know what you HAVE here?" etc. Sad, really.

I'm afraid to use the stuff, but it really begs to be typed on, doesn't it? I'm due for some typewriter day pages in the near future (yes, still!) Perhaps that will be the inaugural use of the box. This stuff is too neat not to share.

Elizabeth H. said...

Oooh...very cool. I am tres envious.

I gotta say, a find like this is one thing for which I'd definitely suspend my buying moratorium.

This, or a very cheap Hermes 3000 with some sort of pica typeface, or a working Parker 51 for under thirty bucks or so.

You *have* to use it! It's been languishing all alone for too many years to be left in the box!

mpclemens said...

It was so inexpensive that I couldn't pass it up (though to be fair, I would have had a hard time passing it up at just about any price.) I keep hoping to stumble across old pens as well, and Hope has served me well so far.