Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Remember(ing) the Dream

I'm surprisingly wordless today on this most historic of days, I think the worldwide supply of hyperbole has been seriously tapped. I watched some of the ceremonies via streaming AP feed this morning, and I did indeed get a little choked up. As I mentioned on Olivander's blog, 46 years was a long time to get across the National Mall, but it was worth it.

And with that, I'll make a clunky transition back to the spirit of techno-nostalgia. Please take a look at these two pieces by kinetic artist John Douglas Powers.
See also this article about the artist for the story behind the Dream typewriter.


Olivander said...

Very cool. It's the music box writ large (so to speak).

I had the start of an "End of an Error" typecast, looking back upon all that which we won't miss about the Shrub administration. But once I saw Marine One (or whatever it's non-presidential call sign is) recede in the blue Washington sky, I just didn't care anymore. Time to look forward.

mpclemens said...

That was the most joyous takeoff I can remember in a long time.