Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lebbeus Woods on notebooks

I've got a typecast formulating in my mind for later, and by magical coincidence I just read a complimentary post by one of my favorite contemporary architects, Lebbeus Woods. I am lucky enough to own a copy of The New City, which to me reads like an archaeological study of a decaying city of the future. His work is eerie and precise, and just hits all the right notes for me, even if I can't always make sense of his essays.

I mentioned him before in my list of 25 things (see #24) in no small part because his drawings tend to be done in pencil, and have a hazy, almost photo-real quality to them. In his blog he talks about his use of notebooks as a means for capturing ideas while being limited to the modest space of an airline seat:
Notebooks are portable. They can be kept secret, or published. Technically, they are simple to make. Pen and paper. The hand, eye, and thought. Freed from any sort of burdensome apparatus, thought becomes more agile in confronting itself.

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