Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome to the Club

20090318 typecast

Old School Typing Device


Strikethru said...

First it takes my newspaper away, then my Alphasmart.

I hate you, interweb.

Duffy Moon said...

The Moon household has two Alphasmart Pros as well. Still clicking after all these years. The only complaint I have is that they're not typewriters.

Monda said...

How crazy is this. I went to the NCTE conference in November - FOUR months ago - and Alphasmart had a booth surrounded by dozens of teachers ready to leverage their souls to get a classroom full of those little beauties.

So much for that.

mpclemens said...

@Duffy: nothing's perfect in this world. I suggest you console yourself with a new typewriter.

@Monda: RenLearn has pretty much hitched their wagon to the educational sales star. A good fit, but when the price of a full-featured Netbook drops below the price of a single-purpose AlphaSmart, then what? It's not like the schools are rolling in the cash these days anyway.

Me? I'm hoarding travel typewriters for the apocalypse.