Friday, January 15, 2010

Today's Lo Fi Highlights

More from the $5 Walgreens keychain digicam:

Purple and Orange and Red, White and Blue

Check it twice

Heap Big Bargain

No Dumping
(my favorite of the bunch)

It's a Banjo Party!

Yeee haw!

Plus, a few a took yesterday that somehow got glitched up in the camera's memory, giving them the Ted Turner effect.

Press to dial

Leaves and rainbows

Keys to success

UPDATE: here's the camera on a Post-It note, for a size comparison.

Lo, lo, lo fidelity keychain cam


Joe V said...

Yes, the "No Dumping" law; I love it.

I also love lo-fi photography; I've been pinholing for a number of years. There's a gent over on F295 who has a digital camera that just went whacky, makes all kinds of weird colors, which he takes advantage of in creating images totally unpredictable.

Sometimes sharpness isn't all it's cracked up to be. Or, to paraphrase Ansel Adams, we have too many sharp images of fuzzy concepts.

Well done.


deek said...

I look forward to more of these lo-fi photos. I have been taking more pictures with my camera phone lately, so you are rubbing off on me:)

Strikethru said...

I want to see a picture of this digital camera from Walgreens.

mpclemens said...

OK, it's posted. This is essentially the same stuff inside a cell phone camera, plus the circuits to handle the USB connection.

It also eats batteries like they're going out of style. Super cheap!