Monday, June 20, 2011


20110620 typecast

My morning walking companion, determined that a leaf blowing across the street is actually a squirrel, and thus demands a halt in our walk for a stare-down.
The Potentiality of Squirrels

Typed on a 1943 Hermes "baby"
Hermes Baby, c 1943


Rob Bowker said...

The warm weather has broken into rain in these parts. I'd better get story boarding! Thanks for the hardware tip over on typewriter heaven.

wv is very untypospherian: mousit

Richard P said...

Handsome baby. Looks brand new.

Jos Legrand is collecting serial numbers for Babies -- send him yours and a photo at

Ton S. said...

My Baby also has a ribbon-tension issue sometimes but at this point, I'm just glad it's even working.

All the best on your video, I'm done with mine ( :

Wish all the videos can be on one post.