Friday, September 21, 2012

Coming Soon

Nano Rhino

I feel like I keep posting about this, but criminy, is this year moving fast. It's the last day of summer here in the northern hemisphere, and the vacant storefronts in the shopping plazas have all been taken over by pop-up Halloween costume stores. Nano's just around the corner, folks.


teeritz said...

You're not wrong about this year moving fast. Man, I hope the Mayan Prophecy is wrong. It would be a lousy irony if 2012 moves swiftly only to end on December 21st. That would suck. I've got too much to do these days.
Best of luck to all who participate in Nano!

A.R.M.S. said...

Yes, this year has zipped by for me also. And had better not end on 12/21; I just got a whole mess of typewriters that I want to enjoy!

I'm joining NanNoWriMo. Just signed up the other day. WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?

I'm both excited...and terrified!

Bill M said...

Ah, yes. If I only had the time. (well I need to learn to write first....)

Cameron said...

This summer has indeed flashed by in a twinkling, and now it's HAPPY AUTUMNAL EQUINOX today!

Just like last year, I had not intended to participate in NaNo, but now I've decided to, after all.

See you on the Typewriter Brigade!

sjb said...

Yep, it was about two weeks ago that I started to get that ol' NaNo itch. Dug out some old writing and started perusing it to see if any ideas struck.


mpclemens said...

@Bill: having time and the ability to write are not prerequisites. Otherwise a lot of us would be in serious trouble.

L Casey said...

I will be joining the Brigade for the first time this year, as it will be my first Nano participation. I cannot wait!

Art said...

"having time and the ability to write are not prerequisites. Otherwise a lot of us would be in serious trouble."

Truer words were never spoken! Totally stealing this and posting in on AdC.

NaNo! NaNo! NaNo! NaNo! I'm getting pretty pumped, if you couldn't tell... this may be my first NaNo that is written entirely in the last ten days of the month, but we'll see... based on how much time I already waste, it's more than easily doable.

*resumes cheer*
Yup, no sanity remains.