Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rhino Herders Wanted

November dreaming

20120927 typecast

Hey look! I'm already practicing my crummy spelling and grammar! Avert your eyes and:
  1. Go register at the NaNoWriMo site
  2. Check out the 2011 Brigade Topic (until the forum wipe)
  3. Sure, I'll be your buddy

Typed (with an assist) on an italic-face Olympia SM3

Nano Rhino


L Casey said...

Getting close! When do they generally wipe the forum clean?

I'm quite excited for this!

mpclemens said...

The forum wipe is usually around early October; they usually announce it on the web site first, then things are funky for a day or two, and then the site is "normal" for a new year.

notagain said...

I think you are my buddy from last year! Also, if anyone in the Puget Sound area needs a typewriter I will lend or give them one.

Jason said...

I did this last year and it was a blast. I definitely recommend the typewriter brigade. This year though, graduate studies are making time a premium that nano can't afford. Good luck everybody!

deek said...

I'll be out there again, but this year's nano is a little different for me. It's part of a collaborative story my writing group and I have been working on all year. I just need to set down and infuse another 50K words into the mix.

wordrebel said...

Oh ok. You've talked me into it. I guess I have no choice. My resistance has become weakened by your amazing persuasive abilities. ;u)

Cameron said...

No-yes-no-yes-no-yes-no.... YES!!

I'm doin' it.

My Rhino, generously provided by a certain member of the Typosphere who shall remain nameless but his blog is called "clickthing" so that pretty much gives it away, started crawling on my Royal O last night. The Rhino, that is.

The beasts are getting restless. Ignore their trumpeting call at your own risk!