Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Auditions: The Other Brother & Friends

20121016 typecast

Not a strong showing for the travel typers to say the least. I think I'm getting spoiled on the full-size machines. There's more to go, though.

In order of appearance in this typecast:

Signature 100 (Brother-made):
Signature 100 Typewriter

Hermes Baby:
Hermes Baby, c 1943

Lettera 32:
Olivetti Lettera 32, c. 1975


Ken Coghlan III said...

Are you planning on using one of these in addition to your 'at home' Nano machine? The Hermes seems to be the best candidate, if so. Those 32's are LOUD, aren't they?

mpclemens said...

I do like the Baby, though I wish it behaved a little better in terms of line-advancing. It does seem like it's running a little looser now then when I first got it, though.

The Lettera is just too rattling for indoor use around non-typists. I love the design and the style, but it sounds like bees in a can. I'm still smarting over discovering the Brother's bad ribbon advance. I had hopes for that one.

Just posted about my Skyriters. I think my original one will be included for sure.