Thursday, October 18, 2012

Auditions: An Old Friend

20121018 typecast

I'm not even going to bother apologizing for the typos here. The only negative I'll say about the Skyriter is that it wants to skip space a bit when it's not being held level, say, when it's being used in a lap, as I did. I suspect this is also like my Royals, which want a more even typing style than I usually use on the computer.

Looks like the return issue on typer #2 is the bell tang getting caught on the right margin stop. I'll have to compare the two and see if something is out of place. This is why everyone should own two of everything!

Typed on Smith-Corona Skyriters from:

Smith-Corona Skyriter c. 1952

Smith-Corona Skyriter, c. 1957

PDF scan of the Skyriter manual shown


Bill M said...

The famous Skyriter. I really like mine. They have a great snappy feel and are a pleasure to use. I have one that will skip every so often and more often it will stack a letter on top of another. I found my rhythm on that one needs to be good and it does not act-up nearly as bad. One day I will take the entire pivot plat or joint or what ever it is called and the escapement apart and see if I can find the cause of the problem.

Scott K said...

Ahhh yes. I don't think there is a machine that is as polarising in the Typosphere, as the Skywriter.

Some love them to pieces. Others, hate the thought of even going near to them.

But they are great to look at!

Unknown said...

I'm still using my Skyriter (my second typewriter ever) while I work on re-ribboning a cartridge for a Sear Corrector I I found in my grandma's office. Since I can't find the style of cartridge anywhere, I have to resort to being handy. Oh well.

Love my Skyriter, even though it has a tendency to dance across the table top. I will say, mind is not quite as old as yours. It's a 4Y series.