Thursday, October 25, 2012


Baby jade plant

20121025 typecast

Typed with "Lucky" the Remington Noiseless Model Seven

Remington Noiseless Model Seven, c. 1946 aka "Lucky"


Ryan Adney said...

I am really excited and a bit nervous. The longest story I have ever written was around 10,000 words. All I have to do is do that 5 more times. Easy?

mpclemens said...

The longest thing I'd ever written prior to Nano was a 15-page paper for some class, back in the dark ages. I laugh at that, now (granted, Nano is fiction...)

For me, it's about breaking it into chunks. Six pages a day double-spaced. Anything is allowed. Continuity is not important. When in doubt, injure a character. When really in doubt: dream sequence. And write with a buddy -- you'll have a whole classroom of cheerleaders, I hope.

Richard P said...

"When in doubt, injure a character."

Yeah, I had my character attacked by a gang of bikers and it was a very good thing (not for him but for the novel)!

Cameron said...

Excellent advice. The jade plant speaks truly!

As for NaNo...this year will be doubly interesting because I'm involving another person in the writing process; in fact, it's all about James and his family. I hope that interviewing him on tape works well!

Best of luck to you, of course!

L Casey said...

This is my first year participating, but I cannot say that I am nervous. Either I complete it or I don't, really. One way or the other, it gets me writing faster and producing more fiction...that's just what I am looking to do!