Saturday, July 27, 2013


typecast 20130727

"Coccyx" being the word I was trying to spell when I had the problematic "C" key in there. I'm not sure what "coccxy" is, but it sounds suspect. This is the first time I've used a ribbon beyond the standard bi-color or all-black varieties. It's subtle, but I like it. The purple seems very Gothic to me, appropriate for Wednesday Addams, who was something of the proto-Goth.

Here's the machine, with a zoomed in view of the cleaned cover.


I can only see traces of the original mess, near the chrome trim. A few more minutes with the cotton swabs and alcohol ought to take care of that.

Crinkle paint, sans white-out

In typewriter adoption news, the boxes are in! Staples chose not to inform me of this fact, but I now should have enough supplies to get the first wave of adopted machines out to their new homes. Thanks again for your patience: I'll email folks directly if they're on the list for a typer.


Elizabeth H. said...

It's like a mini-me to my SG-1. Which is a good thing.

TonysVision said...

It's a beaut. Nice work with the isopropyl alcohol, the typewriter tool which now has one more use. I have a special connection to gray SM3s, having been gifted with one by my parents in l957 when I was a high school junior. It cost $125 - a considerable sum then. I always enjoyed using it, even when sweating over last minute assignments. It has survived considerable use through high school and on into graduate school and beyond, finally going into hibernation in the mid-l980's. I am so grateful that it also survived those few times it had been placed in the donation pile, only to be pulled back at the last moment by my hoarding instinct. Thank goodness, for now it reigns over the elite corps of daily typers.

Anonymous said...

I love that term - "typewriter adoption". I have a feeling I'll be ready to adopt a few typers out in the not so distant future!

teeritz said...

I just got a niggling issue solved on my SM3. You are definitely right about these machines. As much as I love my SM2, the 3 wins out due to its TAB function. Types like a dream. Will probably last forever.
And, a coccyx is the very base of our spines. Where our tails would be. If we had one.