Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BABAROP: Look Out, Baby!


The missus ordered a roll of butcher paper to cover our dining room table when it's school time for my daughters. It's 30 inches wide by 900 feet long. It's a BABAROP*

I'm not sure how many NaNoWriMo drafts that works out to be. Included in the photo above is a Hermes Baby, for scale. I'm genuinely scared for the Baby's future. A piano suspended overhead would be less menacing.

This might be just the thing for anyone with one of those super-long-carriaged accounting machines. How many lines per day would meet your quota? "I typed two and a half yards today."

More to the point: do you think I can convince her to order another?

* Big-Ass Big-Ass Roll Of Paper


Elizabeth H. said...

That I have absolutely no rational use for such a thing, but I can totally understand the envy.

Rob Bowker said...

Got a pal with a band saw who could cut you a slice?

Anonymous said...

Mine is 340m long and 15cm wide.
(But Rob's idea is pretty good too ;))

Ryan Adney said...

In our teacher mailroom we have racks of this kind of paper. The rolls are heavy. Very heavy.

Richard P said...

Holy $#^†!

mpclemens said...

It *is* quite heavy. We're using it to cover the dining room table when the girls are doing their schoolwork, and then when it gets too overcome with scribbles and doodles, we cut a fresh sheet and recycle the old.

They come in taller rolls, too.

J.A. said...

Want. . . want . . . want!

(excuse my drooling)