Friday, October 30, 2015

Easily Suede

The green veldt demense of the Nano Rhino

typecast 20151030

Suede style

Aside from the obnoxious wrinkle in the paper, I think it looks pretty good.

Suede backing

And it certainly cushioned the blows, too. And no punch-outs on my paper, either. Now we see how it does in the face of a 30-day marathon typing extravaganza.


Bill M said...

I may give this a try on a Royal HH with a very hard platen. Looks easier than my heat shrink solution. Cutting the seam on a bias may eliminate bump of a horizontal seam.

Joe V said...

This is pretty clever, I might have to try various materials. I do have some adhesive vinyl shelf liner, though as you say it's a tricky idea with adhesive. Good luck with NaNo; I haven't participated, but my indirect involvement will be blogging as a stand-in activity.