Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Low-tech in a high-tech life

20080617 typecast
How do you integrate fine old machines into your working life, or do you?


Anonymous said...

Typewriters are still the most immmediate way of putting legible words on paper.

No, one cannot work without computers. But typewriters have a clear niche.

I'll post something on that and explain how it works for me.

- TT

Monda said...

No one bats an eye when they hear the typewriter in my office, but I'm a writing prof in Arkansas. In the South, we're completely comfortable with each other's eccentricities.

When the keys are pounding I'm writing. That means I'm not on Ebay or sending personal email or surfing for a new pair of black pumps. I'm working.

Teri said...

I don't. I strictly keep mine at home. Given that I have to troubleshoot all sorts of internet and computer problems, I'm not sure how my co-workers would react to a typewriter in the office. Except for the co-worker that earned her spending money in college typing term papers. She already knows about my collection!