Friday, August 8, 2008

Argust 8, the aftermath


Duffy Moon said...

There's some great shots there, Mike. Well done.
Did you have any problems with people looking at you suspiciously, calling Homeland Security or the like? You just can't trust a guy with a *film* camera. And a guy that also uses *typewriters*? Sounds like a dangerous subversive to me.

mpclemens said...

I did get stopped by our building security guard when I was taking shots of the corner of our office. He recognized me, though, and we struck up a conversation about the Argus brand ("that's an old name") and his old roll-film camera. It was a moment.

Not too many odd stares this time. I did have a meter slung around my neck and I made a big deal out of fussing with it and the settings on the C3 (which requires a bit of fussing.) Probably didn't hurt that it was lunchtime and in the upper 80s outside, which makes it hard to care about some fool running around town overdressed lugging a big black box around.

Nobody stopped me and accused me of being a typist, nor a typewriter sympathizer.