Thursday, August 14, 2008

Translators wanted

Duffy's post about finding treasures in typewriter cases reminded me of this scan my dad sent to me of a note I left for myself in the case of my grandmother's old typewriter. I'm sure it's more readable in person.

DIY time capsule

Section #1:

Well, heregoes my terrific typing/hunt&peck
Skills again! It's about 7:45 on 6/9/86.
?? days until my ?????? goes to ???'.'
I hate this ribbon! My Mac ???? ? ??? ???? job!

Section #2:

Sat, April 2, 1988

[mostly unreadable, though I think I can make out the name of my hometown, "Buckhannon"


Strikethru said...

Just yesterday I dug up a massive ream of stuff I typed as a 14 year old.

It was beyond horrifying.

mpclemens said...

At least this stuff was written in late-teens-practically-college. I wince to think of what other angsty junk may be floating around my parents' attic. That goodness for paper made before "acid free" became fashionable. With time it will just disintegrate into a fine powder of shame.

mpclemens said...

"That" -> "Thank"