Friday, August 29, 2008

Codin' it Old School

20080829 typecast

Postscript: ninety minutes later and the lights and A/C are both back on, at least for the moment. The office's scanner is woefully confounded about the power loss, though, so this typecast is done hybrid-style, cooling drink and cell phone at the ready.


Monda said...

Working computer code on a typewriter. That's delicious.

mpclemens said...

We didn't even blink when the power went from half-off to totally-off. It wasn't like blogging in a maelstrom but still an adventure, our rattling sound bouncing around the darkened cubicles of our office suite.

Elizabeth H. said...

I have to say, there is something very, very twisted about this.

And I like it....

You may well be the first person *ever* to write code on a manual typewriter. How does that feel?

mpclemens said...

It felt pretty good, though I doubt I'm the first. The particular languages I'm using are not well-suited to a regular typewriter keyboard since it lacks so many of what's become the "normal" symbols like {}[]<>/|\~

Some languages are better suited to typing, and I suspect more than one coder might have at least banged out a routine or two on the office Underwood.

Let's say I'm the first in these parts to do it in a while. I can accept that title. :-)