Friday, July 17, 2009

Lazy Blogging: Musical Type

OK typeonauts, someone find this guy and sign him up for a theme song:
Seriously: get this guy on board.

And although Geeksugar has endorsed typewriter-key "jewelry" in the past, there's no denying that I want one of these for my ancient craptop. Wonder if they come in AlphaSmart size?


Olivander said...

He should have just bought a Typatune.

James Watterson said...

WOW! Takes some serious dedication. Olivander this Typatune is the manual musical type machine. Ha, the world is unfortunately going digital, even manual typewriters for music! Oh, boy

mpclemens said...

It's not clear from the site, but I believe that this device is MIDI-connected, which makes it all the more awesome.

(Also a MIDI geek, thanks.)

Olivander said...

Oh, well now that's different. A non-MIDI musical typewriter would have just been impractical.

mpclemens said...

Quiet, you.