Sunday, July 26, 2009

Punching on the Edge

The punch I talked about earlier just came in, and I'm thrilled. It's exactly what I was hoping for: something to make a neat, V-shaped notch in the edge of my homemade edge-punched cards:
Edge-Notched Index Card
The red overlay shows the sizes of the punches I've tried and how much paper they remove. The first one was too big. The second one was too small. But the third one? Just right. Zsa Zsa, my Studio 44 is home this weekend for a touch of case repair, so she helped me type up cards for the remaining ideas that I'd jotted down over vacation. I was concerned about running the perforated edge down into the works of a typewriter -- visions of the line of holes being chewed up -- but I needn't have worried: Zsa Zsa offered a gentle touch and was most well-mannered.

Zsa Zsa gets to work

The saga:


Mike Speegle said...

I wait with bated breath for a demonstration video of your new filing system.

James Watterson said...

As do I. But then again I haven't even experimented with roll a bind yet. Sigh

mpclemens said...

Video eh? Hmm. Do I detect a whiff of disbelief in The System? (Or more likely, a little trouble grasping the concept?)

I just had all my NaNo 2008 cards punched this morning -- 200 of them, whew! -- so I'm going to set up my practice system on that stack.

Mike Speegle said...

Not at all. We here in the typosphere just happen to like anapr0n (That is, Analog Porn. Yeah.)

Monda said...

The System is bad for my self-esteem. I'm obviously too slapdash to organize this well. Or at all. It seems hopeless to punch holes in my post-it notes, for example.

mpclemens said...

Please don't stress out about it Monda. As you might have noticed, I tend to fixate -- HARD -- and using index cards worked like gangbusters for me last November. I estimate that I typed up about 200 of the things just for that one novel. I need a better way to sort through them, and this might be it.