Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Brother

20120125 typecast
Typed on a 1966 Brother-made Signature 513
Montgomery Ward Signature 513 (Brother), c.1966


Cameron said...

The typeface on your Brother machine reminds me very much of my Webster XL-747, made by Brother a few years later (1971). The overall shape is also rather similar.

These are surprisingly good machines, I think.

Bill M said...

Nice typewriter! I like the nice clear typeface.

Richard P said...

Looks like good, honest typing.

So are you saying this is a carriage-shift machine?

Ton S. said...

Belated thanks for this.
I was searching for info on the Signature 300 and I found your post. I wonder if the difference between the 300 and the 513 is significant. I can imagine size might be one.