Friday, January 20, 2012

Wide Load

20120120 typecast

Speaking of depreciation, the price I paid for this (in 2010 dollars) equates to $0.93 in 1967 dollars, roughly the price of a pound of ground coffee in the supermarket. This machine stayed local, as you can see from the owner's notes. Interestingly, our dining room table and living room furniture in our current home came from the same store, about 30 years later, just a handful of years before "Monkey Ward" disappeared entirely.

Teaser photo: test-typed on a Montgomery Ward Signature 513 (made by Brother)
Beige and Chrome


maschinengeschrieben said...

Sounds promising. More photos, please!

Richard P said...

Great! I have never run across one of these, but have been curious since reading about them on Will's site.

I don't know of any other portable with a paper injector.

Bill M said...

Nice! Sounds like you found a really nice machine. I never thought much of the Brother typewriters I used. Perhaps this one is a good one and I may look into getting one.

wordrebel said...

I enjoy my Brother, and loved the Singer I used once too. It has the same feel as a Royal portable i.e. Century. What always impressed me was that they had mostly if not all metal construction. Very nice!

Fernando Antunes said...

I'm curious to see more photos. I did not know this model until now.

Cameron said...

I join the chorus of "More photos, please".

Great find, and interesting that this machine has stayed in the same general vicinity for all these years.